Preschool classes

( P2 & P3) are available for children aged 5 to 6 years old on our thematic teaching which is aligned with the National Preschool Curriculum Standard guidelines.

Our Life Oriented and Thematic Teaching emphasis on a happy & positive learning atmosphere in which children feel valued and develop self worth & self-confidence to become long life learners..The educational aim here is to nurture children in learning to learn and learning to do. Base on children’s daily experiences, concerned in their emotional development needs and encourage children to take responsibility for making choices about what they will learn and explore. The direct experiences in daily school routine enable children to cultivate good learning attitude and habit that make their learning meaningful.

Organizing the curriculum and learning through chosen themes according to most familiar and suitability of age, interest and level of children’s development. Threads from the themes, connect and sew together 3 languages in all academic areas, such as listening, speaking, reading, writing, science, mathematics, art & music and hands on activities to better understand the world around them. Thematic instruction offers children a chance to learn best when they can associate new information holistically across the entire curriculum with their own lives and experiences and to develop self-care ability, creative thinking, problem solving skills and environmental caring ability.

Quotes from our moral lesson cultivate good behavior and manners, produce individual personality to be responsive and possess good moral values and focus on the mastery of matured emotional skills.

The phonics lesson using e-teaching programme to make our classroom teaching more engaging. Through foundation, from reading and writing which teaches the letter sounds in an enjoyable, multisensory way, enables children to use them to read and write words more effectively.

Preschool classes Preschool programme

Monday to Friday 8.30am – 12.30 pm

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